Every person is different, and so is every chef. There are many professional chefs profiled on Bookfoods so you can learn about their unique style, food, culinary background, and the services they offer. Your decision is completely independent. You can browse the available chefs and make your own choice on the basis of the following:

Event Date
Chef’s Rating

Now that you have picked the perfect chef for your specific needs, you can book directly by choosing desired dishes from the menu. The easy-to-follow process of ordering dishes is the same as in real restaurant, or ordering food for delivery.

Alternatively, you and your chef can establish the ideal, customized menu of dishes that fits all of your needs. The chef will message you or will contact you by phone, suggesting different ingredients or variations on dishes, and may even offer you special package deals or food sets with a fixed price per person.

Some chefs can not only cook at your place, but also provide delivery and takeaway of the food & drinks you have ordered at a chosen time.

eat at your place





Delivery of ingredients, cleaning your kitchen, table appointment and phone support
are included with majority of our chefs.


Clean kitchen

Table appointment

Phone support from your chef

Feel free to discuss additional service options personally with your chef by phone call or Bookfoods message. Almost all chefs will provide their own ingredients with them, some of them will also provide a cookware and one-time use tableware.

Your chef will arrive a little early to prepare the ingredients and plan their process according to your kitchen. Feel free to engage with the chef and enjoy the novelty of having a professional chef working in your kitchen, or you can let them take care of everything while you prepare yourself and your home for the event.

Once the meal is finished, the chef will leave your kitchen clean and tidy so you can enjoy the evening with your guests, rather than having to do the dishes! Our chefs are happy to fill whatever role you would like. In other words, they can stay behind the scenes in the kitchen, come out to meet the guests and explain the various dishes as they are served, or even share stories about the cooking industry and various restaurants.

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Our customers book chefs for any type of occasion. Some of them even prefer to eat on a daily basis with their favourite chefs. Without doubt our service is suitable for all types of events such as: birthday party, corporate dinner, an event for kids, special event with traditional food.


All of the chefs that we feature on Bookfoods is are high-caliber professionals that have been trained in the culinary arts and earn their primary income through the food industry. Bookfoods is very careful and selective of its chefs, and conducts interviews and contacts references before welcoming them into our network and putting them in contact with our clients. Another layer of safety is our rating system, which allows you to choose chefs with the best ratings.


Planning an event can be stressful, so leave the cooking to your chef. Browse the menu on the chef’s profile page and choose from there, just as you would in a normal restaurant. It is your choice to customize the dishes or make special requests, but if you want to leave it up to the professionals, simply choose your dishes and wait for the chef to make some magic in your kitchen.


We offer a wide range of chefs that come with very different price tags. Generally, the chefs at Bookfoods offer a much higher quality at a lower price than you would find in a traditional restaurant. No matter what your budget is, 20 EUR or 200 EUR per person, we have a chef that will fit in your budget and deliver a spectacular meal for you and your guests.


One of the perks of dining at home is being able to drink anything you’d like, without the restaurant mark-up on alcohol! Having a professional chef at your disposal also means that he or she can recommend complementary wines for your meal!


You’ll be amazed at what our chefs can do in even the most modest kitchens. Their skills shine through no matter what conditions they are working in, and they will also bring whatever tools, equipment, or tableware you may be lacking to make your event complete.


Whenever you’re ready to get started planning your event, our customer support team is here to help. Contact us anytime!

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